Cape Crusader

The cape trend is well and truly in full force, from jackets to architectural inspired tops, take your pick….just don’t leave home without your cape!

While the cape trend can a tinsy bit impractical, I decided to replicate a toned down version of this trend by draping a jacket over my shoulders. Not traditionally a cape, yet could pass as an identical trend, jacket draping is everywhere this season and fashionistas are simply refusing to put their arms into jackets…….(until temperatures drop to below 10 degrees)


This week’s look is about creating something new with the already existing items in your wardrobe. The clothes that I am modelling are not new, just simply reinvented to look like their new. (Apart from the Michael Kors bag!) With an array of jackets flooding the stores, you can very easily find coats with built-in cape sleeves, but my advice would be to invest in a pea coat jacket for ultimate versatility. This trend projects an image of glam and has a luxurious jet-setter vibe to it. Give your outfit an extra bit of glam by adding stripes to the mix, we often associate stripes with luxe dressing so choose thicker, bolder stripes for more impact. Ensure to keep your under top sleeveless, at least till the cold snap hits….!This will give your body extra definition and shape whilst preventing you from being overpowered by the coat.

The formula for nailing the rest of your outfit is to stay within the same colour shades to give your look a theme, as this way the look is more convincing. Black is the dominating colour of the outfit, but don’t be afraid to choose lighter shades or winter beiges. You can easily opt for a skinny jean instead of a cropped black pant for a slightly more casual, weekend look. Draping your jacket over your shoulders is one of the easiest ways to look on trend, without having to purchase a new wardrobe.While it may feel strange not to put your arms in the sleeves, it is however extremely convenient for the slightly warmer weather-till winter comes.Explore with different styles of jackets for different looks and select a few various combinations that will work great for the office, coffee with the girls, arriving at a function, the list goes on……

At the moment I am obsessed with open-toed ankle boots, so when I purchased this taupe pair last winter, I just new I would be wearing them right though till next season. Experiment with various ankle boots and mules in order to keep a degree of uniform to the look. Accessories will play a major role in finishing this look off, so pay close attention to detail on the wrists. Think cuffs, bracelets, watches, anything that is eye-catching because without realising it your  wrists are the focal point of your look as a results of the cape effect. Opt for a statement necklace to introduce some additional colour to the outfit and be sure to choose a favourite stand-out bag that compliments the colours of your look.



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