Uniform Dressing

Grey blazer, pleated skirt, long-sleeved shirt, knee high socks…..um I’m not talking about a SCHOOL uniform! Try black skinny jeans, form fitting knitwear and a leopard trim fedora, now thats my kind of uniform!


Uniform dressing isn’t about wearing the same outfit everyday of the week, its more about choosing classic styles & pieces that don’t necessarily date and often prove to be the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Considered the queen of uniform dressing Victoria Beckham regularly dons black skinny leg jeans, loose fitting tops and sky-high stilettos. Uniform dressing is not for everybody, it will usually suit the type of girl who craves a classic,classy and timeless style.


In this week’s fashion post, I will guide you through my uniform look and what you need to know, to pull it off! Firstly a uniform doesn’t have to be black, it will depend on the colour pallet that dominates your wardrobe, this could include greys, whites, beige or even bright shades. Regardless of what’s in your wardrobe, uniform pieces are often the most flattering items in your closet, they will always enhance your best features and can be remixed very easily.


Be careful of falling into the category of ‘boring,’ this can happen easily but don’t worry I will give you some tips in how to combat boring. As you see I have introduced some leopard print accessories to my uniform, as leopard is huge right now its a great way to keep my look on-trend. You may not religiously follow fashion trends but do be aware of the ones that catch your eye, and try to work it into your look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrust me when I say there is no shame in buying the same item in a two different colours. So if you happen to stumble across a long-sleeved knit that you love, then go back to the store and purchase another one. Too often than not, the same top can look completely different in another colour. Uniform is about, holding on to these classic pieces when we find them because the cut of the top is obviously right for our body.



As we are approaching winter, boots are flooding the stores and it can be very overwhelming when deciding what boot/shoe to team with a specific outfit. Here’s a guide in buying the most useful pair of boots that will fit right in with your uniform.

1. Purchase flat over-the-knee boots– they make a statement all on their own & look amazing teamed over jeans, plus flats are always so practical.

2. Invest in an ankle boot– Opt for a pair with a high stiletto to prevent your uniform from looking boring. Heels always add edge and importance, plus you will never look overdone because boots in winter are just the same as coats!

3. Splurge on pair of mules, (they’re not boots but….) they are super comfortable & stylish plus have a very relaxed feel to them. This  makes for a great way of introducing a heel to your look, without feeling overdone.

Accessories truly will become your best friend when uniform dressing. Your bag, hat, belt, jewellery will be the difference between looking boring and looking head to toe stylish. Take inspiration from the runways and pages of Vogue magazine, for ideas in how to add a little extra pop to your look.


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