Eyebrow Envy

The hottest trend right now in beauty, is thick luscious tamed brows. The industry has disregarded the thin, high arched brow for something more dramatic, more bold, more high-fashion. The reason this trend can be implemented by everyone is that you have the opportunity to make it your own by selecting the right brow thickness that will compliment your face. Below I have compiled my favourite celeb brows, use these images to find your ideal brows.


The Queen B of this trend, Cara Delevinge rocks some of the thickest eyebrow’s we’ve seen…! They are past the point of perfection, more like a piece of art. What works so well about Cara’s eyebrows is that they compliment her facial features, enhancing her eyes and matching her hair colour perfectly. Cara keeps them quite thick but when you have that bone structure you too can rock thick eyebrows (without looking like an out of control mess)!

Model of the moment Gigi Hadid knows how to keep her eyerbows looking perfect and leaving us feeling envious. Gigi is a great example of how to master thick eyebrows, for all the platinum blonde’s out there. Perhaps not the most thickets of brows I’ve seen, but a perfect shape for her youthful face and glowing complexion.


Wow, I mean Emma Watson’s eyebrows are perfection!. These should be the most requested brows to have.  If you are a redheaded or have lighter brown hair these brows are the type to which should pay attention to. Emma has a small petite face so choosing a heavy, dark, thick brow, wouldn’t have worked. Nope, Emma ensures the brows have the right amount of thickness making her eyes appear bigger and bolder. This superb eyebrow look is worth showing your beautician/brow specialist.


What I like about this look is is that when Kim decided to cut her hair and go for the lob she made sure her eyebrows would compliment her new style. Kim’s shorter hairstyle brings out her facial features a lot more as opposed to her past long styles. Kierra Knightly looks absolutely flawless in this beauty shot below. Notice how her eyes are kept dark and dramatic, so her luscious eyebrows compliment her eye & cheekbones. (One of my favourite looks)





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