Geometry Lesson

Geometric prints are popping up everywhere literally! Marc Jacobs regularly features prints in his collections as does Michael Kors and not to mention countless other industry heavyweights are embracing this trend.It’s about time you start thinking about prints, so get your pen and paper ready because today’s post is a lesson in how to wear geometric prints……it will be a piece of cake!


The first thing to think about when implementing the geometric trend, is to identify what colour palette is missing from your wardrobe. By this, I mean consider brighter shades such as reds/ blues/pastels that may be absent from your wardrobe.


As someone who has a wardrobe predominately made up of ‘uniform’ colours eg; white/black/grey, I knew I needed a print that would lighten up my outfits. The soft diamond pastel print of this skirt appealed to me most, as I knew it would compliment the rest of my wardrobe making it easy to coordinate outfits. This stand-out print gave my wardrobe an instant update.


When wearing prints, remember that they can say a lot on their own, making a bold impact. Your accessories will take a back seat with prints, so refrain from piling on too many pieces, as this will make the look confusing and overpowering. I promise you when I say a print skirt/dress will become your go-to-piece for the Autumn/ Winter season.


Somehow I seem to own more black pieces of clothing than any other, so when deciding whether to team a white or black top with this skirt, I chose yours faithfully…. black! Perhaps if we were in the heart of summer, I would have opted for white, but I wanted to bring the look into winter by giving it a polished, luxe feel.


This high-waisted A-line skirt works better with cropped tops, however I decided to team a top that was slightly longer in length covering the midriff, which is more suitable for the cooler weather. When wearing a top with a high neckline, avoid wearing short necklaces, if you must wear any jewellery opt for a long chain this way its won’t detract from the neckline.


For the cooler weather be sure to drape a jacket over your shoulders for warmth and of course extra style! My go to choice of jacket was this leather staple that has been part of my wardrobe for the past few winter seasons. It’s cropped in length and sits beautifully over the shoulders without falling off, coats that are heavier in fabric will be harder to drape. Don’t be afraid to swap a cropped leather jacket for a long-line cardigan, this will give the look a slightly more casual feel yet still very on-trend.


One of the most important lesson’s in mastering the geometric trend is to choose a item of clothing that you know will flatter your body and not leave you confused, questioning whether you should wear it or not! At the time I purchased this skirt, I was extremely tempted to get the matching top. However when styling the two together, I knew that I would struggle with this combination and made me a little unsure whether I could pull if off, as a double dose of print proved to be a little overwhelming.


To keep with this super modern trend, I decided to pair a black ankle boot with the skirt for an edgier vibe compared to wearing ballet flats. The only way you can successfully pull off prints is to wear them with complete confidence and this means ensuring everything else in your look comes together perfectly. Don’t abandon your choice in shoes or let down your look by selecting the wrong accessories.  With careful planning, select pieces that will enhance your outfit not overpower.

                       Good luck wearing your prints…….


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