Luxe Leather

Leather is one trend we cant get enough of this season! Whether its skirts, jeans, leggings or a classic biker jacket, if you are going to invest in one piece of clothing this winter- (that might stretch your budget) it has to be Leather! Ok so I am more than guilty of investing in the leather trend but when one piece is so versatile, why not buy two!


The starting point in learning and achieving the leather look, is to determine one leather piece you would like to purchase/wear. For the purpose of this week’s post, I have chosen this A-Line black skirt from Kookai. Whilst I think leather jackets are the easiest form of leather to master, if you are just dipping your toes in this trend then pay attention carefully, as I will give you the necessary tools to help you style your leather pieces.



In case you haven’t noticed A-line skirts is my favourite type of skirt to wear, even though the pencil skirt is dominating in all the the retail stores. I guess you could say the biggest issue I have with pencil skirts is that they commonly fall quite long in length, which for me seems impossible to pull off the look (as I’m not quite 5’8) unless I am wearing sky- high heels.







From the images, you will notice how this leather skirt is short in length, but not by any means cheap looking. There is volume yet flow to the skirt, so it resembles something more of a fun flirty piece, than a too-tight minuscular skirt. ( appropriate for nightclubs…..just not for cocktail hour).



When wearing black leather its important to team a light colour top as this way it breaks up the dramatic tone of the outfit and steers away from the intensity of a biker leather look. Treat your leather piece as a special luxe item that only you know how to wear. I absolutely fell in love with his French Connection cream knit top and when I teamed it with the black leather- it was, how you say ‘meant to be’. (just like the perfect boyfriend……when he exists I’ll be sure to tell you)!


Black & Cream have to be one of my favourite all time colour combinations and take note, its really a fail proof option! It never goes out of fashion and is a staple in the fashion bible. Just look how much black and white the Kardashian’s girls wear, (including Kris), with a disposable income like that family has they really could afford to explore any trend….


When bringing the outfit together with accessories, I have tried hard to keep a very femine feel to this look and even embraced a more girly girl mantra. This time, I have decided to stay away from anything to overpowering, however I  encourage you to try different statement pieces but make sure they don’t interfere with the leather. My main accessory for this look is the light-tan ankle boots from Forever New, they make a statement enough on their own and give a very classy finish to the outfit. Perfect to wear in this in-between weather, a pair of ankle boots can be teamed with almost anything and proves time after time, to be the ultimate transitional piece.


Leather may not be the cheapest of trends to invest in, but trust me when I say the payoff is worth it……

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