Meet the Boyfriend

Meet the newest edition to my never-ending collection of jeans. He or shall we say “they” is certainly one of a kind and how happy I am that we had this chance encounter, which will hopefully lead to something special……I just know it!



As someone who is lives in jeans there was just no explanation as to why I didn’t own one pair of boyfriend jeans. With preconceived notions about style, fit and look of the jeans, I must say there was something holding me back from owning a pair of boyfriend’s…..(I just have know idea what)! For so long I was hunting for a pair of light-wash jeans yet I just could not find the exact shade, however this pair from new season Kookai was meant to be!


Lately I have been inspired by sneaker dressing ( courtesy of spreads in vogue & shop til you drop) that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and implement this ever-so cool trend into my weekend wardrobe. For an urban street look, I teamed a pair of Guess sneakers with the jeans, something which is totally opposite to what I wear (unless exercising ) yet works great and introduces some much needed diversity to my wardrobe.


The key lesson to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of boyfriend jeans is to remember that the fit has to be tight and even consider going a size down because they will give. As they fall loosely around the thigh the jeans need to obtain structure otherwise will look too loose and not remain flattering.

The best thing about boyfriend jeans is that they go with almost any top and you can go as edgy or pretty as you like. I am a big fan of print tees, so it really was a no brainer for me to team this Boss top with a light-wash jean for a striking, edgy look. What I find is that boyfriend jeans really have their own identity and its up to you to take them in the direction of your choice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARolling up the cuffs add’s extra edge to the jeans, a little secret that I will let you in on is to always roll towards the right as that will avoid cutting at the ankle and make the leg appear longer.




From the moment I “met my boyfriend” to the time he became part of my wardrobe, I just knew this one was going to be for keeps! xoxo


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