Power Pretty

I think I may have just purchased my most versatile dress yet and I just have to share it with you!

For as long as I could remember I was under an illusion that flare dresses were overpowering and wouldn’t really have a purpose in my wardrobe. In some cases, the flare of a dress can be too large in volume which equals trouble, but with this particular style there was a lot more balance to the overall structure & fit of the dress. Take note, dresses that feature side zips (such as this one) bring a dress together so well that it sits in all the right places on the body, ultimately giving a very polished finish.



This Kookai power pretty fit & flare dress is one of the most unique additions to my wardrobe, for all the right reasons! Firstly the distinctive fit & flare style of dress is something I don’t usually wear, as I will most always favour very straight and structured pieces. Its a piece that I like to think of as being powerful simply due to the flawless fit of the dress and pretty because its not white, nor cream but vanilla,which accents a colour all of its own.


The versatility of this dress was one of the main reasons that I decided purchased it. As you can see in the above images, I have styled the dress for day-time wear, and kept accessories neutral in order to keep it occasion appropriate. Admittedly i was tempted to wear a belt around the waist of the dress but at last minute decided not to, mainly because I had strong doubts that it would interfere to much. Only with time do you learn to master the art of refraining from over-accessorising a piece, simply because sometimes the dress is enough all on its own.



I love to explore the possibilities of transforming a piece to get the most mileage out of a dress. So below I have created a style-guide as to how you can take this dress from day to night.

Style Guide- From Day to Night

  • Add bold metallic accessories to give the dress some serious edge
  • Switch heels, opt for a pair of sky-high stilettos in a bronze colour
  • Team with a box clutch, the box shape adds impact, instantly to the overall look
  • Transform your make-up to night by simply introducing a bold lip colour, and a winged eye, this will add just enough   intensity to bring out the power of this dress.





I will see you later pretty little things…….

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