The Many Faces of Cara Delevingne

It Girl, Cara Delevingne is one of the most recognisable faces in the modelling world. Walking for every top designer, Cara is one face that you won’t forget. With her signature thick eyebrows Cara has inspired countless beauty trends and gained an army of Instagram followers, all trying to replicate her look. Here we look at some of Cara’s most iconic looks to date and the enviable trends she has started.


What I love about this look is that everything is kept very natural, with the exception of a bold lip for a pop of colour. The lesson to take away here, is that you can work a bold lip quite easily into your everyday look, just be sure to keep the rest of your make-up minimal.


I am a big fan of this minimal make-up look especially with this hairstyle. There is something very clean and polished about this look.

Elle Style Awards 2014 - Outside Arrivals

I love how there is a natural glow to this look and just how effortless it look. With striking cheekbones, its no wonder that Cara only needs to show us half her face!


Winged eyeliner is one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! As you can see in the image above the eyeliner is applied perfectly and notice how the eyes still remain open which is crucial to pulling this beauty trend off. Too many times, if eyeliner is applied to thick will instantly make the eye appear smaller.

cara-delevingne-yves-saint-laurent-fall 2013-beauty-campaig


This dramatic make-up look is one that is probably best left to the pros! Not to mention that it may not be the most practical beauty look to work into your daily life. However while the eyes may be too dramatic to replicate, do take note of the lips, the berry red shade of lipstick is quite stunning and can easily be worked into your night make-up.

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