Emma Stone’s Top 5 HairStyles

Emma Stone is one versatile actress when it comes to hairstyles. From her iconic red hair to platinum blonde locks, there is not much this girl can’t pull off. Each change in colour came accompanied by a fresh unique cut and here we look back on Emma’s top looks to date…. ( we can’t wait to see what she does next)!


Emma looked fabulous as a blonde. It was very different to the red we were accustomed to seeing on her, but it was one dramatic change that payed off!


This particular style and cut was perhaps Emma’s most signature look. From the shade of red to the classic cut, this hairstyle gave Emma a very youthful look.


Opting for a more edgy style, I love the risk she took in completely changing the colour and cut. With lighter ends and a some very edgy, shaggy waves this was one high-fashion look which worked!

Emma-Stone-HairClassic, sleek and polished, I love how Emma decided to wear her hair in a sleek pony tail while wearing this Dior Tuxedo Jacket/dress. It was the perfect choice that showed off her face and complimented the neckline of the jacket.


We know just how many different hair colours Emma can pull off, so it’s no wonder she looked great as a brunette. She seems to take on a dark more mysterious look being a brunette and gives an extra edge to her style.



By now your probably sold on the fact that Emma Stone can wear just about any hair colour and still look fabulous .But if I had to choose my favourite hairstyle, it would have to be her signature red hair colour, there is just something about red that works so well for Emma and looks completely natural! 






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