Experiment with new-season stripes in all things nautical! There is something liberating about wearing stripes, maybe because it always makes me feel like I am about to go on holidays- (sadly even though i’m not). The nautical trend is embraced by almost every fashionable city in the world and is one trend that doesn’t seem to fade. With a range of variation and styles, nautical is going from strength to strength and it might be time you get on board!


For this week’s post I am going to talk about nautical dressing and guide you in re-creating your own version. I recently purchased this nautical cropped top from Kookai, which just happened to be my first-stop shop! Think about how you want to style your stripes, if you opt for a cropped top then best be assured it works well with high-waisted bottoms e.g. skirt, pants. For a winter take on nautical, drape a jacket over your shoulders for a very chic look.



As we are still sweltering in the summer heat, I had no choice but to team my stripes with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Keeping with a french chic theme, I chose to wear black shorts however white shorts/pants will also compliment stripes very well- which will give the outfit a fresh light summer feel.


My advice when it comes to accessories & make-up is to remember one thing- a bold red lip goes a long way! My lipstick is really the only stand-out accessory I’m wearing, as stripes are the focal point of the look a bold lip will only enhance your outfit -giving it an extra touch of glam.


Now if the location/venue calls for it then introduce a hat to your look. I purchased this one from Sportsgirl for the Summer and while the weather is still warm it works so well. Give yourself plenty of time to try on different hats and and narrow styles down based on how they fit your head- remember you want the hat to compliment your look and style, not over-power it.

My most crucial piece of advice on mastering nautical is to start with a really strong base top. Ensure the cut is right for you, the width of stripes compliment your body and make sure the top is as versatile as a pair of wedges!. C’est la vie fashionistas.


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