Oh so you’re a blogger?

The amount of different reactions I have received when telling people that I have started blogging is seriously confusing. Some reactions have been really positive, with responses such as ‘wow that’s so cool’ and ‘congratulations’, whilst others have left me questioning people’s views on blogs. Maybe it’s because I dropped the f-bomb, that is I am a………FASHION Blogger! As I feel my paranoia kicking in, I cant help but think there is a preconceived notion that fashion blogging is not as serious or important as other types of blogs eg, food, travel.

Being new to blogging it seems everyone I talk to has an opinion and it’s not always what I expect. A male friend of mine who we will call James for the purpose of the article, responds to my news with a ‘So you just like take heaps of pictures of yourself, write a few paragraphs about your clothes and upload them, that’s cute’. At this point in time, I literally could not feel more angry, frustrated or insulted. My initial response was a loud……NO! Then I thought to myself, what type of response was I expecting from a guy who is labelled an ‘Alpha Male’. ( note, alpha males are my least favourite type of guys!) If you’re not entirely familiar with the term then just think about a time when you have heard a guy use the phrase-‘ women cant drive’, thus equals an alpha male. There is an undeniable amount of hard work and time that is required in blogging, which can look effortlessly and easy to an outsider.

Prior to launching my blog, I spoke to a few different fashion bloggers about how much work and dedication is required in having a blog.

I was not all surprised by the workloads of these girls, from early hours in the morning on the computer to sneaking some writing in during a lunch break, this is round the clock work (not a cute hobby!)

A friend of mine said to me, once your start trying to juggle work, socialising and blogging all at the same time, you will quickly learn just how little time you have for anything else. Hence, just this past weekend I turned down three invites, brunch with the girls, sunday session and a coffee date with a good friend. By the third invite it was getting harder to say no, but by sheer willpower I managed to turn down all three offers. I must admit I was a so proud of myself, I instantly jumped on-line and purchased a Marc Jacobs cuff from Shopbop.…..even though I am meant to be on a budget:(

I often approach my blog as it were my full-time job, I like to think of it as my own business. The only person that has full control over the blog is myself and the personal fulfilment I get from blogging is so rewarding. Whilst I have high hopes for my blog, I am not naive in expecting over-night success. As I have learnt from many other bloggers, a blog takes time to grow and no Foxtel’s Fashion Bloggers won’t come calling just yet…..However at this very early stage in my blogger-life, one thing is for sure, I love having the title of a ‘Blogger’.




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