High-Street Heroes

Channel your inner Miranda Kerr in a pair of new season ripped jeans. High-street distressed denim, is the perfect way to revolutionise your wardrobe, as someone who openly admits to owning numerous pairs of skinny-leg jeans, I was ever-so thankful to find these treasures!




Fashion can be unpredictable but lets face it, its kinda why we love it. When looking for a new pair of jeans my intention wasn’t necessarily to choose ones with rips, yet just a pair with enough edge to look a little different to what was already in my wardrobe. These Saba High-Rise Alma Crop jeans were a no brainer, with subtle rips and a classic cut, I knew they would instantly work. The skinny crop sits perfect through the leg, giving the illusion of a longer elongated leg, (who doesn’t want to look taller). High-waisted jeans always looks more flattering no matter what your body shape is, the rips in the jeans are considerably subtle to which was perfect as they had just the right amount of edge while still looking polished.



There are many variations of ripped jeans on the market and its really up to your individual self as to how dramatic you want to go with them. When looking to invest in ripped jeans here are my top three tips I would recommend –

Decide on colour, if your looking for a light wash denim then a boyfriend style suits quite well.

-Determine the purpose for your jeans, usually most jeans should take you right through day to night, however with a ripped pair simply be aware  of the fact that it is harder to dress up distressed denim, as they will only take you so far into the evening…

-Choose jeans to fit your body, stay true to yourself by selecting jeans the fit your body, in other words don’t be swayed by detail. Treat shopping for ripped jeans the same, as if you were looking to update your existing pairs of jeans. If boyfriend suit you well the stay with this style, don’t choose a style based on the outer detail, as you will only be disappointed.


For the purpose of this post I am going to show you how to keep the look high-street. Choose to team a print tee with your jeans for ultimate edge. Whilst I own many print tees I opted for a classic grey plain tee, as I often like to channel an ODM (Off Duty Model) look. Brands such as Boss Orange & Armani have a great range of form fitting tees, with interesting prints. Be adventurous as you want with accessories, for this look I have just subtly introduced some metallic silver pieces.


The most important piece of advice I could give you about mastering high-street is to choose pieces what you want to invest in. Remember to keep your look edgy, simple and effortless trust me when I say ripped jeans will do a lot of the talking.





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