Shoes of Prey

“Live your life in Shoes you love”

I recently came across an on-line store called Shoes of Prey ( Whilst I had heard about the website from friends, I decided to check it out for myself…..and how glad I was that I did!

Let me introduce you to Shoes of Prey. In 2009 Michael Fox, Mike Knapp and Jodie Fox from Sydney founded and launched Shoes of Prey. The idea behind this incredible on-line shoe store came from co-founder Jodie Fox’s own personal experiences. Jodie often struggled to find the right pair of shoes and soon learnt that she wasn’t alone. Many of her friends also shared the same frustrations, from the height of the heel to unwanted embellishment or detail on a shoe, it just didn’t seem like the perfect pair of shoes existed, until Shoes of Prey was born. An on-line store where people could custom design their own shoe starting from the heel height all the way to the fabric and colour. Not only did Jodie and her team fill a void in the footwear market but they are quickly changing the way we shop for shoes.



The website is easy to navigate and takes consumers through the stages of designing their own shoe, all whilst ensuring the process remains easy and fun. With a 3D designer you can choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes. ( I don’t know about you, but that just sounds like a dream come true!)


Next you are given the option to select from 12 essential shoe shapes including ballet flats, stilettos, sandals, oxfords and wedges – to craft your ultimate design. (Mmm I think I need one of every shape)


Go crazy in selecting the colour of the shoe by choosing from over 170 fabrics to narrow down the shade you prefer and to determine the texture of the shoe.


Shoes of Prey offer world-wide shipping and will be delivered via DHL Express or FedEx within 5 weeks. In case your shoes are not quite right they also offer returns within 365 days and they can be re-made for free of offer a full refund.

shoes-in-box.jpg.pagespeed.ce.6IwEXsDx2FmfkXPFNzmGBe sure to follow Shoes of Prey on the social media links below



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