Double Identity

When I think of Victoria Beckham’s style three words come to mind, effortless, sophistication and class. Now I’m sure I’m not alone when I say if you had asked me this question approximately seven years ago- these would NOT be the words I would use to describe her style. Admittedly I have a lot of admiration for her and often draw a lot of inspiration from anything to VB’s daily uniform to her entire ready to wear collection.

For this week’s outfit post, I took direct inspiration from one of many Victoria Beckham look’s (as seen in the picture above) and decided to replicate it on a budget….so lets get down to business!



To start off let me give you some key advice when finding the right vest/waistcoat. Make sure the size and cut is absolutely right for you, by this I mean if the waistcoat is made from a heavy fabric such as a ponte knit then it will most likely over power your body, thus loosing the shape and elegance and won’t translate to a light summer piece. A waistcoat should be form fitting around the shoulders so it drops nicely on the body. Trying to find the perfect cream waistcoat can take time and yes a lot of trying on, but eventually I found this one from Sportsgirl for $100.00. I credit the style to the size and cut as it sits nicely around the shoulders and provides balance to the body.



Make sure you select the right shade of cream to ultimately compliment your skin tone. Be sure to pair a black cami underneath the waistcoat, opt for a style with either thin straps or razor back, depending on what sits best with your vest.


When selecting a pair of pants, I chose to wear a black cropped pant, from Witchery. These have been a staple in my wardrobe for so long….Im’ too embarrassed to give you a figure! Somehow I just can’t to replace them. Ensure you choose a cropped pair in order to maintain the right amount of balance to the outfit.



Finally nail your accessories! I cant really explain what made me team a bright pink bag with the look, especially when my natural choice is to wear black. However I think this Coach bag just seemed to be the difference between looking too corporate and gave the outfit a high-fashion edge. (be sure to think of stores such as ForeverNew or Sportsgirl when purchasing a bold colour bag- they have great ranges). Don’t forget to pick yourself up a skinny black belt on your travels. Aim for one that sits loosely on the waist, the finest of detail on the belt will draw just enough attention to the waist in an attempt to break up the black.


For now fashionistas I hoped you enjoyed this post, use it as a reference piece for when you want to know how to replicate this look. Maybe I’ll spot you on instagram with a ‘double identity’



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