Enter Ms Minimilist

Scarf inspired dressing has never felt sexier. One of my favourite items to wear is a scarf, it just has an undeniable impact on almost any outfit. If your scarf could talk I’m sure it would say something like “I’ve arrived” to the world.

P1000813 copy1

The words minimalism and effortless are my two favourite terms used in the fashion bible. This week’s post is about learning how to master minimalism dressing and learning the techniques that will make it easy. This Kookai scarf is made from a light weigh polyester, which can be worn in both warmer & cooler months. For extra high-fashion glam choose a scarf with an edgy print, this particular one has subtle prints of skulls on it.

P1000835 copy

As I do tend to favour black skinny jeans most often then not, I decided to stay true to my style and show you my interpretation of minimalism dressing. I would however recommend opting for lighter colours such as teaming a white singlet top with a light wash denim and adding a scarf for a lighter version of this look. Blonde or brunette, you decide which version of minimillism suits you best.

When attempting to pull off ‘minimilism’ there are some unwritten rules to follow in order to execute the look, here are my top 4 rules…..that shall never be broken!

-Don’t underestimate the power of accessories! Think watches, cuffs, rings, bracelets, just look at Rachel Zoe she often uses accessories to bring a simple look together. (I’m wearing delicate & fine accessories here, but don’t be afraid to wear more chunky statement pieces)

P1000834 copy

-Determine & decide whether you will wear flats or heels. If opting for flats then be sure to choose an embellished pair in a neutral colour. Otherwise if choosing to wear heels, a mid-wedge usually compliments this look best.

-Keep make-up fresh yet don’t necessarily be afraid to introduce a bright lip. I am personally a big fan of wearing bold lipsticks during the day but its a complete personal choice,

-Choose your sunglasses carefully, the size of them must compliment the weight of the scarf ensuring balance is part of the outfit.

P1000841 copy

My final notes on minimalism dressing, I think the allure and passion for minimalism dressing is that it allows us to project an image of ‘going anywhere’ and makes people think mmm I wonder what SHE has planned for her day!

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