The Short of It

For the first time this summer I have begun to explore all different shorts that are available and the specific styles that suit my body. Being that I am mostly a dress or skirt kind of girl, it proved to be somewhat challenging when looking for the perfect pair of shorts (yes I am a perfectionist)!


Apart from trying the most structured pair yet, I subtly asked myself why do I have such issues with shorts. Personally I think when a challenge presents itself, you have two options such as facing the challenge head on or simply avoiding it! Thus you know what Im guilty of. My own challenge here was based on the criteria that-

a) The shorts must be the perfect length, too short makes me feel uncomfortable, too long & people will get confused about the purpose of the short

b) I need to be able to wear a number of different heel heights with the shorts, as I often prefer a mid-to high shoe

c) Will I always have to super tanned to pull these off? And you see this is one of my biggest concerns, as I am naturally very pale or porcelain ( sounds so much better)


P1000726_1024 copy





So off I went shopping and after trying on numerous pairs of shorts, I decided to purchase a white pair from Witchery. When choosing shorts, I always opt for ones that have the most structure this way they maintain a level of class even if they are shorter in length. The main reason behind choosing a white pair you might ask ( especially as they call for fresh tan) was that I could wear them a variety of places. Black would have been slightly more practical but sadly never choose the “practical” option.



To combat the casual element shorts seem to fall into, I decided to wear this Saba structured top for extra style with a classic edge. Be sure to introduce some serious arm candy, along with a statement necklace and your ready to go.

P1000736_1024 copy copy


P1000737_1024 copy copy copy

This look became one of my favourites as it had just the right amount of glam mixed with sophistication to become my go-to option. Who knows I might just be going out today to purchase another pair of shorts! (they did come in black)) xo

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