First Look

What do cropped tops and high-waisted pants have in common? When pieced together perfectly, represent a powerful on-trend force, a bit like myself and Miss Muse.


Miss Muse is my personal creative outlet to share with you fashion tips, tricks and advice. A couple of things you should know about my blog, firstly my fashion posts are more like digital online workshops. As  I model a look I will guide you through how to achieve the look and provide a step by step breakdown so you can understand how to replicate the look for yourself. Think of a fashion post as reference piece, with additional insider information right at your fingertips. The section labelled Journal, provides a personal insight into my daily life and allows me to share & document my experiences. Also expect to see weekly roundups of my favourite celebrity looks, weekly fashion posts and coming soon a regular hair & beauty feature.


People often ask me why did I decide now to start blogging and not back when it was at its height of popularity courtesy of Gossip Girl. The truth is there is no one reason other than timing, 2015 was going to be the year I started my blog. Mind you I have worked in the fashion industry for many years (see About Section) and over time have acquired so many fashion tips, style secrets and insider knowledge thats it seems all too obvious to share it in a blog.

Let begin the journey!

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