Going Her Own Way

As I write this post, I’m sitting at one of my favourite cafe’s in Subiaco sipping an iced almond latte and wearing my beloved Sass & Bide black drape pants, teamed with a crisp white singlet top complimented by a Mimco chunky statement necklace. I’m adequately set-up, my laptop just fitting on my table, a red velvet cupcake arrives promptly and as I begin to devour my cake, I start to reflect on this past festive season and what it all meant.
The phrase “caught up in the moment” just seemed like the most appropriate term to sum up the month of December. I simply can’t recall the amount of times over the month that I fretted about the smallest things. Often repeating the words “I have nothing to wear”, despite having an envious wardrobe (according to my closest friends). Or thinking the same thoughts before leaving the house, mmm is my outfit popping and I wonder if it will look as stunning in photos as it does in real, it’s almost mandatory to do a once over. Gazing into the mirror, you admire your stunning dress (purchased online)-as then it remains a one-off, you’re glowing head to toe in a deep golden tan, plus how proud are you of your hairstylist for achieving the perfect sombre/ombre locks. Yet despite putting all your effort into coordinating the perfect look, if you don’t feel happy on the inside then you’re equivalent to a mannequin-pretty, beautiful but lifeless. (Mannequin-comes from the french word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning ‘an artists jointed model’)

I can’t stress enough to you how many times in the past month when asked the question “How are you”? I responded with an enthusiastic “fabulous”. Which honestly didn’t always reflect the truth, it can be easier selling a story to a complete stranger than it is to yourself. I suppose it doesn’t help if you coated your lips with Mac Lip Glass, in Light English Red…who isn’t going to believe you! Perhaps I would have felt less pressure to respond with an over the top answer, had I been more content in myself. Mmm if only I had planned an exotic holiday that involved shopping, fashion, and magical scenery then I really would have something to feel “fabulous” about. But that didn’t happen, nor did a Bali trip, not even a Margaret River getaway. Just repeated visits to the post Christmas sales, purchasing endlessly- I cant resist a “take a further 25% off already reduced” store window sign.
Personally I spent too much time thinking about everybody else and how it appeared they were doing more exciting things than I was. At this point I decided to make a conscious decision to “go my own way” and not get caught up in the small things. Social media had to give way…..to an extent, it’s become such an integral part of our daily lives, that it’s all too common to feel like you’re missing out on something. Instagram certainly doesn’t help matters ,we never get the whole story, just an impossibly filtered #beautiful# snapshot, but thus social media has a powerful way of making us believe exactly what we see.

Undeniably time passes by faster than we can catch up and things change. I love the term ‘going her own way’ because it not only gives you a boost of self confidence but leaves room for the unknown…..

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